St John’s College provides a significant program of scholarships, bursaries and prizes. These awards are designed to attract, retain and produce outstanding students regardless of background or means.

The St John’s College scholarships, bursaries and prizes reflect the following broad objectives:

  • To reward the academic and other achievements (e.g. cultural and sporting activities) that students demonstrate both prior to and during their time at St John’s College,
  • To provide financial support to students who might otherwise be unable to attend The University of Queensland and St John’s College,
  • To promote diversity within the College community, and
  • To encourage students to remain at St John’s College for the entire period of their degree programs.

This website sets out the specific criteria for each of the current and proposed bursaries, scholarships and prizes that have been developed by the St John’s College Foundation and St John’s College Council.


Structure of the Awards Program

The program is divided into the following categories:

– Undergraduate Scholarships for Merit

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Sporting Excellence Scholarships
  • Cultural Excellence Scholarships

– Undergraduate/Postgraduate Scholarships

– Honours and Postgraduate Scholarships for Academic Merit

– Undergraduate Combined Awards (Scholarships with Bursaries)

– Honours and Postgraduate Combined Awards (Scholarships with Bursaries)

– Bursaries

– Other Awards

  • 4th and 5th Year General Excellence Awards
  • Postgraduate Leadership Awards
  • Matthew Blackwell Leadership Development Award
  • The Old Johnian’s Association Award

– The University of Queensland/College Awards

– Prizes

General Conditions of the Awards

The majority of awards are for students studying at The University of Queensland (UQ) however, as students residing at College are increasingly studying at other recognised universities, some awards have been made available to cater to such instances. All awards are conditional on students obtaining and maintaining full-time placements at their respective recognised universities.

Students may receive more than one scholarship, award or bursary but cannot receive more than a 100% remission of College fees in any one semester.

Students may be eligible to receive prizes in conjunction with scholarships, awards or bursaries.

As a general principle, scholarships, combined awards and bursaries will be awarded by way of a remission of College fees on a semester-by-semester basis, with 50% of the award in each semester of the award year.

Most of the awards, except the Prizes, cover a percentage of base accommodation fees for a year. This does not prevent the amount of an award from being higher than the designated percentage where funds allow.

In general:

  • Sporting and Cultural Awards cover 10% of base accommodation fees.
  • Academic Awards cover 15% of base accommodation fees.
  • Bursaries and Combined Awards cover 25% of base accommodation fees.


For example, if base accommodation fees are $22,000 p.a. 10% = $2,200, 15% = $3,300, 25% = $5,500.

Awards for commencing students are conditional on a student obtaining a full-time place at the University of Queensland. Returning students must continue their full-time studies at The University of Queensland.

All scholarship, combined award and bursary holders must comply with a number of conditions. Each recipient is expected to:

  • Contribute positively to College activities during the period of the award.
  • Inform the College of any changes to her/his study program.
  • Accept that the College may approach the recipient to use her/his name in College promotional materials.
  • Make herself/himself available for the presentation of awards at the College’s annual Academic and Professional Dinner and at any additional functions including, but not limited to, the Founders and Benefactors’ Chapel Service and the Foundation Welcome Function.
  • Provide a one page report to the Warden at the end of each year of the award detailing the ways in which the award has contributed to her/his studies. This document may be forwarded to donors, if appropriate, and may be used by the Foundation or the College for promotional purposes.
  • Agree in writing to the award’s conditions.

Application Requirements

Unless it is otherwise stated in the specific criteria for an award, all students wishing to be considered for a scholarship, combined award or a bursary, must complete the St John’s College Award Application Form.


Applications Open: 1st September (for awards to be held the following year).

Applications Close:

  • Continuing/returning students:  4pm on Monday, 12 October 2020
    New/First Year students:  4pm on Friday, 15 January 2021


Students seeking entry to St John’s College are advised to submit their scholarship application at the same time as they apply for residence at the College as some awards may be offered early on a conditional basis.

Intending applicants should complete one St John’s College Award Application Form only per academic year. This form is generic in nature covering all relevant scholarships, combined awards and bursaries. Applicants will be required to supply a range of data about themselves, with supporting documentation as appropriate, and will be asked to provide a short (200 word) statement outlining their reasons for applying for an award and what they hope to achieve as a result of obtaining an award. Applicants will be invited to nominate the awards for which they wish to be considered. For further information including the requirements for awards involving financial need, please peruse the St John’s College Award Application Form.

Award Process

Academic Awards are determined by the Warden. Students are not expected to apply for these awards.

In the instance where an application for an award is required, the application will be considered by a sub-committee comprising of the Warden, a representative of the St John’s College Council and a representative of the St John’s College Foundation. The award process may also involve an interview, either in person or via electronic means, by one or more of the members of the sub-committee, in which case the applicant will be advised of the details.

Continuing students who have been successful will normally be advised by 20 December each year.

Some commencing students may be offered awards on strictly conditional bases prior to January of the award year but the final allocation to commencing students cannot be expected to occur until the last week of January of the award year.

The award of prizes is on the basis of academic results and is at the discretion of the Warden.