Available to:
Current Student at The University of Queensland residing at St John’s College

Level of study:
Undergraduate or Postgraduate

Year of study:
4th or 5th year


The purpose of these awards is to encourage students, who have contributed positively to College life, to remain at College for the later years of their courses.

Award Value:
$5,000 over 1 year ($2,500/semester)

1 year

1st October (for awards to be held the following year)

Continuing/Returning Students: 4.00pm, Friday 16th November 2018
New/Fresher Students: 4.00pm, Friday 18th January 2019

  • A recipient must be a full-time student at The University of Queensland
  • A recipient must demonstrate that s/he has contributed positively to College life in academic pursuits, leadership, sports or cultural activities
  • A recipient must be in residence at St John’s College for the academic year in which the award is received
  • A recipient must remain a full time student for the year in which the award is made and make satisfactory progress towards the completion of her/his degree program
  • A recipient must contribute the balance of the College fees
About The Awards
  • These awards are offered annually
  • They are to be awarded to students who have contributed positively to College life and are entering the 4th or 5th year of their University of Queensland courses
  • The amount of the award is currently $5,000
  • The amount is offered as remission of College fees over two semesters of one academic year
  • Each award is for a period of one academic year only
How To Apply
Applicants for the scholarship must apply to the Warden of St John’s College by the closing date using the St John’s College Award Application Form.
For More Information
Contact St John’s College Admissions Officer at admissions@stjohns.uq.edu.au.